restorationWhatever restoration situation you face, Airway Construction has the team to take over the scene and bring it back to new condition. We specialize in handling fire, water, wind and mold damage, along with comprehensive clean-up services.  If disaster strikes, we can mobilize our emergency response team to get to work on your home or business. Our reputation has been built upon 40 years of restoration excellence, and our goal is to get you back to normal as soon as possible. If you need Immediate help, call (937) 429-4300 and we will mobilize our crews. If you’d like more information,  contact us now to learn more.

fire-damageFire damage can occur from various factors, and when it does it can be one of the worst things to happen to a home or business next to total destruction of the property. Whether you have small or large amounts of fire damage, smoke staining, or odors associated with the fire, we can help. Our team of fire damage experts will assess and repair the damages and investigate deeper than just what is seen on the surface. Fire damage can weaken structural points and travel much further into interior walls than what you may believe. Call us or contact us now to schedule an appointment.
water-damageWater and fire suppression chemicals used to extinguish the fire can also cause staining, mold and odor problems. Airway Construction can handle this and all cleanup tasks in any fire damage situation. Water damage can happen from many sources. From a leaking roof, burst pipes, ice damming in gutters, rain, sewage backup, flooding and from extinguishing fires. Water present inside your home or business can lead to mold and other health issues if not addressed quickly. Our special water cleanup team will handle it quickly and thoroughly. Call or contact us today and have an estimate done right away to avoid further damage or possible health risks.
wind-damage_2Wind damage from strong storm or tornadoes can rip off siding, break windows, damage roofing and much more. Airway Construction can get your home or business back to pre-damage condition, like it never even happened. Our team of on-staff repair specialists and contractors handle everything needed to repair damages from high wind conditions. If you experience wind damage that punctured glass or exterior walls and is allowing the outside environment to get in, contact us right away to board up your structure to stop further damage from occurring.
mold-damageMold is often invisible but can still be seeping out into the air you breathe. This is especially dangerous for elderly and infants. Mold generally grows slowly over time in dark, cool and damp locations but can quickly accumulate and spread when more moisture is present. Air Construction has a team of certified environmental experts who will assess the type of mold as well as how extensive and severe the air quality is affected with the spores present at your location. If you suspect mold is causing respiratory problems in your home or business, whether you can visibly see mold or not, contact us today for an evaluation.
crime-sceneCrime scene cleanup is a job that requires specialization in both materials and chemicals. Airway Construction has been helping local municipalities perform crime scene cleanup for nearly 40 years. Our team of specialists can take care of cleanups on most surfaces and help restore the area to its previous condition. We employ a full staff of interior and exterior contractors to replace surfaces that are unable to be cleaned or pose a biological hazard. We promise to handle every project respectfully and professionally. Contact us today and learn how we can help.
sewage-cleanupSewage leaks create not only a smelly mess but they can also pose a serious health risk if the area is not properly cleaned and sanitized. Disease and bacteria are present in sewage and can make people and animals sick if exposed. Sewage inside your home or business may come from broken drain pipes or backed-up sewers. Airway Construction can repair damage that caused the sewage to enter your location in the first place. We have on-staff plumbing specialists that can repair pipes, install check valves to prevent backups into your location and also properly ventilate your septic system. Contact us and learn now we can help.
odor-removalOdors can occur from several factors. Should your home or business have been damaged by fire or water, the unfamiliar and unwanted smells can accumulate quickly on porous surfaces like drywall and carpet. Our cleanup team can remove these odors and replace damaged areas affected by fire or water damage that led to the unwanted odors in the first place. If you suspect mold and mildew, this can produce a musty odor and should be addressed as soon as possible to determine if there is a potential health risk for anyone with respiratory problems, small children and the elderly. Contact us now and set up a no-obligation appointment.